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Popsicle Stick Puppetry

Note: Some of this content originally appeared on a website I developed and managed in 2015. Photos and content are original and will be updated in the forthcoming months.


Magazines, catalogs, photographs, drawings, or old calendars


Popsicle sticks (I prefer tongue depressor size for smaller hands)

Glue (stick glue works great!)

Ages: All ages can enjoy this fun, dramatic play activity!

My kids love puppets and puppet shows! As much as they like watching puppet shows, they love creating puppet shows. It brings me so much joy to watch his little mind create dramatic scenes and characters. Not to mention, it is oh so adorable to hear them create dialogue for these characters.

An easy way to make puppets at home is to make popsicle stick puppets. We all have a wealth of catalogs, magazines, and old calendars around the house, and making popsicle puppets is a great way to upcycle them into something creative! As an extension for older or more artistically-inclined kiddos, you can have your child draw his or own characters to use on the stick! This activity is also wonderful for working those fine motor skills by practicing cutting and pasting skills.

The BEST aspect of this activity is that I like to take these puppets on the go! They are perfect for travel, and they accompany any toddler travel busy bag or can be tossed in an older ! What fun, screen-free entertainment for your little one!

Bonus:If you have left-over popsicle sticks, try making Sticky Sticks (which are also great to toddler busy bags).

SUPER Bonus: The Center for Puppetry Arts (Atlanta) is presenting FREE daily puppet shows. Follow this link: https://puppet.org/center-for-puppetry-arts-home/

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