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GIFT GUIDE: Science-Themed Easter Basket Ideas

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

When I hosted a website a few years ago, my most-requested posts were from my GIFT GUIDE series, so I've revived the guide idea here since receiving a few inquiries for suggestions regarding science-themed Easter basket fillers.

I have included some of my favorite items below*!

Click the text or image for more information about the item.

A. Energy Stick (even toddlers as young as 2 think this is cool and can use this item!)

B. Magic Crystal Paper Tree

C. Geyser Tube for Mentos + Diet Coke Experiment

D. Break your own geode kit (comes with safety goggles!)

E. Bug kit with ID guide AND lucite bug specimens

F. Backyard safari kit

G. Bugs-eye view glasses

H. Grow your own butterflies from caterpillars kit (We are doing this now at my house! So fun to observe!)

I. Amazing seltzer rocket (My students LOVE this thing!)

J. Lights of Marfa (similar to energy stick and REALLY cool)

K. Toddler stomp rocket and stomp rockets for bigger kids (and adults!)

L. Fun science party tricks! My favorite are the Newton beads, but this kit is a great value for the amount of science tricks it provides. Perfect for older scientists, but it's lots of fun for the family!

M. Tornado tower - perfect for little hands

N. Sensory tubes/liquid motion bubbler. My students go BANANAS over these simple science toys!

O. Every budding scientist (see what I did there?) needs a lab kit!

P. My 8-year-old is going to LOVE doing the experiments in this kit!

Q. This color mixer goes great with the lab set above or is the perfect addition to your water play, bath play, or kitchen chemistry fun!

R. Kid-friendly knives

I know. Hear me out! It seems like an odd choice to include here, but my kids absolutely love having their own set of knives to help me cut and prep for meals as well as cut their ingredients and supplies for their own kitchen chemistry concoctions. Cutting builds hand strength and helps with fine motor skills down the road!

I hope you found a few ideas or developed a few ideas of your own as you reviewed this list. I appreciate your time in giving it a look.

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