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Make An Edible Necklace

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

This is probably my most favorite activity ever. Does it get any better than edible crafting?

This is the perfect activity to spice up a playdate or add some fun to your next birthday party...or just pass the time during mandatory social distancing!

Note: Some of this content originally appeared on a website I developed and managed in 2015. Photos and content are original and will be updated in the forthcoming months.

I absolutely love making edible necklaces. I have used edible necklace (or neckuhlace, as my daughter says) at several of our birthday parties, and I see many more in our future. This is a great activity because it's appeal stretches across all age groups, you get to practice fine motor skills, and you get to play with food!

It's a win!!

My inspiration for these necklaces comes from the pretzel necklaces for sale at beer festivals and Oktoberfests.

The supplies are budget friendly and easy to find:

String (I use elastic, but any string will work)

Hand sanitizer for pre-assembly clean hands

Baby wipes for post-assembly clean-up of sticky hands

Scissors to cut string

Assorted candy and snacks (see image below for some suggestions)

My son was so excited to get to make his necklace!

For our necklace, we used the following "beads": Peach Rings Cheerios, Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops, Life Saver Gummies, Pretzels, and Shortbread cookies. I purchased the single-serving size of the sugared cereals so that we didn't have a lot of excess around the house!

Once you gather up your supplies, wash your hands, and cut the string for your necklace, it's time to get creative!

This is a great way to practice patterns!

It's good, sweet fun! Happy snacking!

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