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Egg Boxing: A Rabbit Hole

Are you ready for some good ole-fashioned family fun?

I have two words for you: EGG. BOXING.

(a.k.a. egg tapping, egg fight, egg chucking, egg jarping, etc.)

A few months ago, my husband came home and introduced this simple (yet addictive) game to our family, and it has since been enthusiastically received by my children and me.

In fact, I've been know proselytize the good word of egg boxing to others, and they, too, have gone deep into this rabbit hole.

I now do the same for you. You're welcome.

For our family, egg boxing entered our lives from Peter Attia, MD (if you are into the science of the intermittent fast, I can't recommend his podcast and website enough).

After the kids are in bed, grab your spouse and your favorite libation, and enjoy his 7-minute, largely entertaining, video about the basics of egg boxing. You'll be sprinting to the kitchen the next morning to crown your own champion egg. (We're all looking for some innocent fun and friendly family competition during this unprecedented time, right?)

I recently saw a TikTok video going around where someone drew the faces of NBA players on the eggs and competed that way. A friend of mine labeled their eggs with college football teams to spice up the game a little bit!

Now...the science!

How can a chicken egg be so strong on the outside yet be easily penetrable by a newborn chick upon hatching?

The answer is the amazing nanostructure of chicken eggs! The density of eggs changes as the egg gets closer to the time of hatching. Isn't that amazing? I love nanoscience. Here's a cool article about it.

The physics of egg boxing involves energy and Newton's 3rd law of motion which states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, object A exerts force on object B, and object B will exert an equal but opposite force on object A.

More on eggs from the Exploratorium.

Good luck, and if you get a 12-banger, let me know!

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