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Foam + Bubble Wrap Sensory Play

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

This activity provides cathartic fun for all ages! Handwashing is the name of the game these days, and this activity provides a fun way to get that chore done.

I recommend doing this activity before bath time with toys that can also go in the tub. In fact, if you have a large enough tub, you can probably do this activity in an empty bathtub, and you can supervise your child while you sit on the toilet or floor working from home. Older children can facilitate and help a younger sibling with this activity as well.


  • Shaving cream** or bath foam soap

  • Tray (I used a cookie sheet)

  • Bubble wrap (if you have multiple sizes, that is even better!)

  • Toys that can get wet. (I used bath toys, toys cars, balls, and a plastic egg)

  • Bowl to place ready-to-rinse toys

**Always supervise your child. Soap or shaving cream may cause burning or irritation if accidentally put in or near the eye.

I LOVE this activity for so many reasons. It's a tremendous amount of fun to play with foam, and it's very cathartic to squeeze the foam in one's fingers and have permission to be messy. Adding bubble wrap (especially if you have a variety of bubble wrap sizes like small and large bubbles) takes the sensory play up a notch. Little hands are working muscles that will help with fine motor manipulation, like pencil and pincer grip, later.

Place foamy toys into a bowl, and they are ready for rinsing, which is also a skill your child will have fun practicing!

As I mentioned above, you can do this activity before bath time and use bath time as the time your child can clean the foamy toys.

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