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Preschool Math: Number Explorer

One of the pre-kindergarten skills we're working on right now in school is phone number and address recitation, which is an emerging math skill.

If you are looking for a way to practice this skill at home or another strategy for keeping a little one busy while you help another child with home learning, then give this a try!

(If your child isn't learning his/her phone number and street address yet, this works just as well for learning or reviewing letters and numbers.)


Paper and/or post-it notes

Marker (I used a Sharpie)

Write your phone number on the paper, and cut them out in uniform rectangles (about the size of a playing card).

Shuffle the cards and encourage your little one to put them in order of your phone number (or street number - we are practicing both since she will need to know this next year in kindergarten).

If this is a TOTALLY new concept for your child, you can write your phone number on another piece of paper, and your child can match the numbers on the cards with the numbers on the paper until he or she starts memorizing the phone number and/or improves number recognition.

Once this gets old, here are some other ways to do this:

1. Hide your number cards around the house and have your child search for them. When a card all the cards are found, the child can practice putting the numbers in order, as discussed above (with or without matching them to a sheet of paper).

2. Write the numbers (or even the alphabet, if you are working on letter recognition) on post-it notes and place them all over the house for your little one to find. They can bring the sticky notes back to home base and place the numbers (or letters) in order, identifying each one as they go!

If you have older children, you can have them search for the numbers/letters as well but ask them to see how many they can collect and place (IN ORDER) in 10 seconds? 30 seconds? 60 seconds?

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