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Start here: COVID-19 and the Need for Homeschooling!

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

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In a bizarre twist of universal fate, a few weeks ago I was having a wine-induced deep conversation about my greatest worry. My answer was quick and concise with "A Pandemic," and here we are! Like most of you, I was given the news that my kids (2nd grade and Pre-K) will be out of school for a MINIMUM of 2 weeks.

A backstory:

Five years ago I managed a funny little blog to highlight the hell my colicky newborn put me through and have a place to highlight and share some of the fun science-related activities my (then) young three-year-old and I were doing. I kept that up for a few years, and it was replaced by new interest like teaching Early Childhood Science at my children's preschool and attending sports practices, soccer games, and Cub Scout meetings & activities.

When I got word that we were going to be out of school for, essentially, an indefinite amount of time, I immediately received texts and emails from friends near and far asking if I had any product suggestions or activity ideas to help weather the proverbial storm. I thought this was the right time to resurrect some of the original content from my retired website (The Sisterhood of the Training Pants), so here we are. Any affiliate links are there to offset some of the cost of hosting and creating a website.

Enjoy. Share. Subscribe. E-mail with questions or ideas.

I'll try to update content regularly, and I ask that you give me some grace as I work through the learning curve of building, managing, and maintaining a website (again) all while keeping my own kids directed through their distance learning endeavors.

Forthcoming activities include:

  • Water cycle activities

  • Activities for the birds

  • Foamy sensory play

  • Strawberry DNA extraction

  • and more!




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