• Sarah Caughron

Sticky Sticks Engineering

This one is super simple, but I thought I would include it here because my kids just LOVES to play with these sticks (even at 8 and 5). You can't beat the price, either! What a budget-friendly, simple activity that stores easily and provides screen-free fun! I also like to include a handful of these when I provide my students with loose parts learning days.

These are great for quiet play when you are trying to get something done at home or when you are in sitting in a doctor's office waiting room or even on a long car or airplane ride. I love them because they easily fit into a child's backpack or diaper bag, and they appeal to to many age groups (read: you can set these out and various-aged children can participate in play together!).


Popsicle sticks/tongue depressors

Self-adhesive Velcro circles (you can also hot-glue the Velcro for extra security)

Storage container (Ziplock bag, box, etc.)

A word of caution: Always supervise children with popsicle sticks. They can splinter if used as a chew toy.

Extension:I love to take these with us when we travel on an airplane or a car ride. What a great, screen-free activity to encourage creative choices and dramatic play!

Bonus:If you have left over popsicle sticks, then you should make popsicle stick puppets!

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